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Many serious infectious diseases of cats can be controlled by vaccination. With over 20 million pet cats in the U.S., your cat is quite likely to come in contact with an infectious disease at one time or another.Even indoor cats can be exposed to viral diseases carried in the air, in dust, or on clothing. Vaccination is inexpensive protection against costly treatment, or even the premature death of your cat.


Vaccine Reaction:
Vaccine reactions are usually mild in cats. Commonly, cats are a little sleepy for a day or two. Occasionally, the distemper vaccine causes some mild sneezing 5-10 days later. Please call our clinic at 274-1366 if your cat has any problems.


All of our feline vaccinations are Merial Purevax which are adjuvant-free and mercury-free. Adjuvants have been implicated in the formation of injection-site tumors in 1 out of 100,000 injections.  Adjuvant-free vaccines have been shown to be much safer.

Recommended Vaccines:




Feline Leukemia





A fatal viral infection of the nervous system that attacks all warm-blooded animals, including humans. Cats have outnumbered dogs in reported cases since 1981. Rabies is a public health hazard and personal risk to you. It is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Even indoor cats may be infected through contact with a carrier in a basement, garage, or attic. There is no cure! Vaccination is very important for your safety, as well as the safety of your pet.